The Nature of Scripture According to Brevard S. Childs

  • Philip Sumpter
Keywords: Brevard Childs, Theological interpretation, Canonical approach, Karl Barth


In this article I illustrate the complexity of Brevard Childs’ “canonical approach” to the Old Testament. Childs' theological exegesis results not from the use of a particular method but from a stance vis-á-vis the text and the world. For Childs, exegesis takes place within the economy of salvation and as such requires attention to historical-critical as well as dogmatic concerns. The article, therefore, presents Childs' approach from the angles of human and divine agency. Exegetical examples are given in order to ground the theory in Childs' actual practice.

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Sumpter, Philip. 2019. “The Nature of Scripture According to Brevard S. Childs”. HIPHIL Novum 2 (1), 1-23.